29.08.2022: Updated gpx files (changes may appear)

22.08.2022: Accommodation

14.08.2022: Photo Gallery and video 2022 on YouTube 

15.04.2022: Result and Sponsors and partners 

18.02.2022: Race Manual 100 m, 50 m and 43 k

18.02.2022: Info 100 m and 50 m

27.01.2022: Updated Gpx files all distances

06.10.2021: Info 42 k and 19 k

29.09.2021: Updated conditions and mandatory equiptment all distances

29.09.2021: Updated Gps files all distances

10.09.2021: Updated the Gpx files

24.08.2021: Race manual on front page
30.06.2021:  Updated with List of CP

23.06.2021:  Updated the Gpx file

23.03.2021:  We have been hopeful, but due to the current state of the situation with the                              corona-pandemic, we are unfortunately forced to postpone our race. The new                          date is 17-19 september and we feel confident this is a safer date for arranging                          the race. All participants have been sent an e-mail with information.