100 miles and 50 miles

Conditions for participating in Sandnes Ultratrail 


  • From 2024 the 50 miles will be fully marked
    Participants must be 18 years old.

  • Participation in the race event is at the participant's own responsibility and risk. The organizer is not to account for expenses that may arise if a participant is exposed to injury, illness or other matters in the context of the event.

  • The participant is committed to study and understand all written information given by the organizer, and to follow directions given by the organizer

  • It is mandatory to help if an other participant gets into an emergency situation. In such a case the organizer must also be informed. (Ambulance 113, Police 112 Fire 110)

  • The participant has to follow the specified route for the race event by using either a gps-unit, mobile phone, watch with gps or a map and compass

  • The route willl not be marked, the participant must him/herself download the gpx-file which will be posted by the organizer

  • The participant must not leave litter of any kind along the route, rubbish can be discarded at the food stations

  • The participant's full name, club name, nationality, and year of birth may be published in result lists and participant lists.

  • Pictures may be taken of the participant during the event. Such pictures may be published on the website and in social media

  • Enrolment is binding. If an enrolled participant is not able to take part in the race, for whatever reason, the starting fee will not be refunded.

  • In the case of a complete cancellation of the race event, 50% of the starting fee will be refunded

  • The participant needs to store the number of the organizer on the mobile phone to be carried during the race. The phone must be turned on during the entire race

  • The participant must carry a powerbank and/or spare batteries with sufficient capacity to support the phone and other equipment requiring electricity (GPS unit, headlamp, etc.).

  • The participant has to carry obligatory equipment in accordance with a detailed list, which is published on Facebook and the website. The obligatory equipment has to be carried by the participant along the entire route from start to finish.

  • Support is allowed at food stations only, there will be several

  • 3 drop bags will be allowed for the 100 miles, 1 dropbag for the 50 miles, these will be brought to the specified locations by the organizer

  • To create or use depots along the route is not allowed.

  • Pacing is not allowed.

  • If a participant decides to leave the race with status DNF he/she must immediately inform the organizer. The organizer does not have capacity to pick up and transport participants that do not finish, but if we have crew available, we will try to assist.

  • These conditions can be modified, if necessary. Changes will take effect immediately upon updating on Facebook and the website.