43 K 23 K

The 43 K has appr. 2200 elevation gain. Start is at Stemmen, Hommersåk, and then goes along Frøylandsvannet, further up to Torenipen and then Storaberget. At Hogstad you will find the first CP and foodstation. Then you ill continue on to Jødestadfjellet, passing the flightwreckage from ww2, down to Dalevann and then up to Lifell. Down from Lifjell you will come t the fjord and run along it until you reach CP2 Dale, foodstation. From here the course continues up to Dalsnuten, Fjogstanuten, Bjørndalsfjellet and Mattirudla and then down from here you will find CP3 Gramstad. Now you will go to Vassfjellet and down from here you will reach asphalt and run this the last 4k to the finishline.

SUT 23 K has a highly technical and varied course. In our amazing nature you will run from the mountain tops down to sea-level, along the fjord and then back up to new tops again. From the south-west of Norway we welcome you all.

23 K is a part of the GTNS Nordic